VIVA THE HUNTER #0 – Prologue

In the city of Indianapolis lies a nightclub called the Metro. Atop its roof, two warriors train. These warriors are werewolf martial artist Yasin and training swordswoman Viva, and this prologue is a short preview of things to come in the new VIVA THE HUNTER webcomic! Featuring artwork by Bell Mimieux.

VIVA THE HUNTER #1 – Some Place Safe

One year prior to the events of issue #0, a training swordswoman named Viva flees from her abusive boyfriend Lanis in the dead of night. She seeks refuge with a mysterious woman known as Sven, who holds hidden ties to the dark arts. For Viva, this may be the last night she ever has.

This issue is an expanded retelling of the 2018 short film SOME PLACE SAFE, the proto-project for this entire series! Featuring artwork by Dood.

VIVA THE HUNTER #2 – No Place Safe

Hidden away in a decrepit firetower in the woods awaits the drunken martial artist werewolf Yasin, who traces the mysterious call Viva receives at the end of issue #1. With Viva’s last coordinates, Yasin follows the swordswoman’s bloody trail, hell-bent on capturing her, and soon discovers a horrific plot unfolding in the small town of Maywater. Meanwhile, Viva is locked up in the local police station and is tormented by demonic, apocryphal visions! Featuring artwork by Genesis Zorilla.

VIVA THE HUNTER #3 – Witch Blood

Viva’s veins run black with a burning curse that can only be lifted by destroying the ghost of Sven. To do this, Viva and Yasin travel to the Metro to request the help of the demon prince Camio. However, the forces of Adrammelech quickly turn this exorcism into a fight for survival. Featuring artwork by Magdalena Zwierzchowska.

More issues to come!