Frequently Asked Questions

What is VIVA THE HUNTER about?

VIVA THE HUNTER is the dark fantasy, action-horror story of a young, tormented swordswoman named Viva that pledges herself to a bloody campaign of vengeance, intent on slaying a king of demons that has wronged her. Along the way, she will find the aid of many characters such as Yasin, the nunchuck-slinging werewolf, and Cooper, the mysterious barkeep, loresmith and local warlock.

How did VIVA THE HUNTER start?

VIVA THE HUNTER is based on the 2018 short horror film SOME PLACE SAFE, written and directed by me, Forrest DePoy. This short film is an eight minute long grindhouse thriller inspired by comic books, cult movies (Kill Bill, Evil Dead), and kung-fu flicks. SOME PLACE SAFE served as my senior capstone project for my undergraduate degree at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, and actually won a People’s Choice Award during the IUPUI capstone presentation show!

SOME PLACE SAFE was the very simple story of training swordswoman Viva leaving an abusive relationship for mysterious woman that she has been in contact with. Viva instantly falls for this woman, but not everything is as it seems. The woman turns out to be a witch intent on sacrificing Viva for a ritual! Quick on her feet, Viva slays the witch and accidentally activates an even darker horror. The film cuts to credits before her final battle. In a small post-credits sequence, the audience hears a phone conversation hinting to a continuance to Viva’s story. A title card is revealed, stating: “VIVA WILL RETURN IN… VIVA THE HUNTER

This is how this comic began. Shortly after graduation, I considered my options for my next big project. This is what I chose. VIVA THE HUNTER is a six issue series (plus one short prologue) that not only expands upon the events of the original short film, but also continues the story of Viva’s horrific journey!

Who is running this project?

Me, that’s who.

My name is Forrest DePoy. I’m a filmmaker, writer and designer born 1994 in Indiana. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram, and check out my other projects on my portfolio site.

How are you funding it?

However I can. Right now I work a full-time job making just a little less than 40k salary. Through careful spending and saving, I independently commission the services of the various artists, colorists and letterers that contribute to this ongoing project.

It costs a lot to fund a single issue. Supporting me can really go a long way!

How can I support the project?

Come visit the Support page to see all the different ways you can help! You can make contributions to my Patreon, make a one-time PayPal donation, or even purchase one of my books!

Buy the print versions of the comic, and go tell all of your rich friends about it.

Why does every issue/cover have different art styles?

With this webcomic project, I am trying to reach out and work with as many different creators as possible. This is one way of doing that! And in doing so, every issue becomes incredibly unique as no one art style is like another. Every artist has their own personality and their own way of visualizing the scripts I write.

How is this comic being released, and how often?

Whenever possible. I’m not under the pressure of a commercial publisher since this is an independent project, nor do I have much of a fan base to cater to right now. So I am going at the pace of the artists I commission and I am taking my time with each script to make sure each one is the best it can be.

Is VIVA THE HUNTER being published? Where can I buy it in book form?

Nope. Not yet, anyways. One day, once each issue is finally out, I would love to publish a huge physical collection of it all titled VIVA THE HUNTER: VOLUME I. That’d be rad.

After some deliberation and exhausted funds after the 2020 COVID crisis, I’ve switched to physical distribution through IndyPlanet. Buy the comic there and tell all of your friends to do the same! It would really help!

Besides this website, what other platforms will VIVA THE HUNTER be on?

I’m uploading this webcomic on Tapas because it’s a free platform with lots of potential readers. I am not uploading this webcomic to Webtoons, however, because Webtoons has much more conservative restrictions on mature content (which this comic is full of).

UPDATE 10/20/2019: I will be uploading this webcomic to Webtoons as well and see if anything comes of it. The platform has a huge reader base compared to Tapas, which could potentially help a ton.

I have a question for you that is not listed here. How can I reach out to you?

Please send me an email at [email protected]