Fan Art

The following two pieces were created as cross-promotional art prints for the Elsewhere Volume 2 Kickstarter campaign!

Pencils by Don Walker
Inks by Laurie Foster
Colors by Tommy Shelton

A super cool cross-promotional print created between these awesome three talents for the Elsewhere Volume 2 Kickstarter and Dreadlock the Barbarian Kickstarter! Backers that funded both physical tiers for these campaigns snagged these prints. Starring Don’s Dreadlock, John Pence‘s Doc Hanover, and our very own Adrammelech Cultist from Viva the Hunter #0, which is featured in Elsewhere Volume 2!

Created by Michael Watson
Colored by Veronica Smith

Mike shares a massive story with Short Fuse Media Group, LLC. and Morgan Iverson in Elsewhere Volume 2. This print showcases their characters Hotshot and Lumberjax, alongside Viva and Yasin, who appear in Elsewhere Volume 2!