Issue #2 Cover Art Reveal!

This just in: artist Dirk Van Parys just finished up the final cover art for VIVA THE HUNTER #2 – “No Place Safe”! I would argue that they have made the greatest cover art for this series yet, featuring several key elements that hint of darksome events to come. Issue #2 is scheduled to drop online around early March, so stay tuned for more information!


January 2020 News

January has flown by faster than anticipated! As promised, here is more news on current development for the VIVA THE HUNTER comic project.

  • Issue #2’s line art is sketched and inked, thanks to the insanely skilled work of Genesis Zorrilla! Each page is currently receiving final edits, and will soon be forwarded to the colorist in early February.
  • With issue #2’s line art being mostly done, I’ve finally commissioned cover artwork for the issue. This artwork is going to be completed by artist Dirk Van Parys. Super excited to see how this turns out in mid-February!
  • Once the colors are complete, the issue will go to the letterer (likely LetterSquids once more). After letters and the cover are complete, I’m anticipating an online release for this issue sometime around late February/mid-March!
  • As for the next issue, #3, the script is nearly complete minus a few minor edits. Shout-out to my editor Domenico Montini for all his help on that upcoming issue! Work on issue #4 will begin shortly after that script is finalized.

So yeah, that’s pretty much all I’ve got for right now. More content should be coming right up in the next month. I’m hoping that once this whole series is finished, I can try to pitch it out to a few publishers to recoup the costs and potentially reach a broader audience for new projects! Here’s to to the future.


Issue #2 News

Starting November 1st, lineart production on issue #2 will officially begin! Genesis Zorilla has been commissioned to produce thirty gorgeous pages of art based on the finalized script for issue #2. After Zorilla is finished, colors, lettering and cover art will immediately follow. Expect issue #2 to drop late January/early February in 2020!

The first draft of issue #3 is currently underway! Until then, stay tuned for more news on VIVA THE HUNTER!


Releasing Halloween 2019!

VIVA THE HUNTER, my dark fantasy webcomic project, finally debuts Halloween 2019 with the release of two issues:

  • VIVA THE HUNTER #0 – Prologue
    • In the city of Indianapolis lies a nightclub called the Metro. Atop its roof, two warriors train. These warriors are Yasin and Viva, and this prologue is a short preview of things to come in the new VIVA THE HUNTER webcomic!
    • Featuring artwork by Bell Mimieux.
  • VIVA THE HUNTER #1 – Some Place Safe
    • One year prior to the events of issue #0, a training swordswoman named Viva flees from her abusive boyfriend Lanis in the dead of night. She seeks refuge with a mysterious woman known as Sven, who holds hidden ties to the dark arts. For Viva, this may be the last night she ever has.
    • This issue is an expanded retelling of the 2018 short film SOME PLACE SAFE, the proto-project for this entire series!
    • Featuring artwork by Dood.

Starting on Halloween, this webcomic will be available to read here, and also on! Stay tuned for more information.